Orthopedics and Traumatology

In our department;

• Fractures and Dislocations

• Muscle, tendon and ligament tears

• Sports injuries (eg arthroscopic treatment of knee meniscus tears)

• Arthroscopic procedures (closed treatment of meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament tears)

• Knee and hip surgery

• Disorders in walking and congenital malformations (congenital hip dislocation, crooked foot, arm paralysis, flatfoot, crooked leg)

• Spastic deformities

• Disorders due to polio

• Calcification (hip, shoulder, wrist, elbow, ankle, foot, toe and knee total prostheses)

• Bone resorption (osteoporosis) and related fractures

• Disorders of the spine (neck, back, waist), deformities and injuries

• Rheumatic diseases and related disorders

In our hospital where meniscus surgeries are performed by arthroscopic method, foreign matter removal operations are easily performed with the help of the scopy device.

Spinal shear and fractures, back and neck hernia, peripheral nerve surgery are performed.

In case of herniated disc using a microscope (microdiscectomy), the patient exits the hospital on a single day and can start his normal activities in a short time.