Based on National and International Standards; patient, patient relatives and employees to ensure satisfaction, to protect the rights of patients and their relatives and to educate and educate at every stage of the treatment, with the participation of all employees to aim at continuous measurement and improvement, with professional staff at the regional level reference to be one of the health institutions, using modern technology, scientific, conscientious and working without compromising ethical principles, supporting the continuous education of our employees, providing quality and preventive health services to the society under appropriate economic conditions, systematically monitoring the satisfaction of our patients receiving continuous service and using the results obtained to improve the service provided, sensitive to the environment and society, quality system requirements. and our quality policy to be among the leading health sector with high quality service and continuous improvement philosophy in accordance with legal requirements d.

Patient Focus politik is the basis of the Private Konya Hospital patient satisfaction policy. For this purpose; the quality policy and legal requirements within the framework of the demands and dissatisfaction of our patients, impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality and responsiveness, without compromising the principles of review, offering solutions, to prevent the recurrence of dissatisfaction work; undertakes to carry out the planning, implementation, control and continuous improvement cycle.


Our aim is to present our qualified and economic services with respect to the ethical values, respecting patient rights, including preventive practices as well as preventive health studies, closely following international technological developments, with qualified and expert staff, regardless of language, religion, race and gender.

A contemporary management system is an example of a medical practice and technology that meets all the health needs of our patients in line with the expectations of the society.
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  Team Work
  Patient and employee satisfaction