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News From Our Hospital

İyi beslenen çocuk okulda daha başarılı oluyor..

Well-fed children are more successful at school ..

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tugba Baldede, regularly fed children in school is more successful, he said. Konya Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Konya

Mevsim geçişlerinde gribal enfeksiyona dikkat!

Pay attention to the flu infection in the seasonal transition!

Otolaryngology Specialist Op. Dr. Mehmet Şentürk, seasonal transitions should be paid attention to the flu said. Konya Hospital Ear Nose Konya

Meme kanserinde erken tanı ve tedaviye önem vermeliyiz

We should give importance to early diagnosis and treatment in breast cancer

Internal Medicine Specialist Doctor Beyhan Baltacı, warned against breast cancer, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease is important, he said.